How to become a crime scene cleaner?

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How to become a crime scene cleaner? Empty How to become a crime scene cleaner?

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Receive blood-borne pathogen training. No formal education is necessary to be a crime scene cleaner, but knowledge in science can be beneficial in this career field. Classes and manuals can be obtained online or you can check a neighboring college to see if they have a blood-borne pathogen class available. Some educational resources include how to get started in the business.

Obtain a written blood-borne pathogen exposure control plan. The United States Federal OSHA regulates that any and all human blood, body fluids, organs and pieces are properly contained and disposed of. This information will be learned upon taking a blood-borne pathogen course.

Keep personal protective equipment in inventory. OSHA mandates that crime scene cleaners are protected at all times from the waste they must contain and carry out as well as the area they must clean. They have protective head-to-toe gear that they must wear during a clean up project.

Get a Hepatitis B vaccine and continue to make appointments with your doctor for follow up evaluations. You're not only being exposed to human waste and matter, but a crime scene can also include drug paraphernalia such as needles.

Be knowledgeable in the requirements listed above. Only after this has been met can an employer begin to train you to work on a crime scene, death scene or clean a bio-hazardous waste area.

Purchase a franchise. There is a franchise offered by Amdecon that is currently open in 31 states and will give you the training needed to become a crime scene cleaner.


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