What is natural crime?

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What is natural crime? Empty What is natural crime?

Post by Allensmith on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:02 pm

A natural crime/crimes, (mala in se) are those crimes that are "understood," to be wrong and unacceptable within a society.Offenses that a person should, "inherently understand," as wrong and not partake in. Example of, "mala in se," would be murder or crimes against children. It is assumed we should all inherently understand that such crimes are wrong. Such crimes are often viewed as acts of evil.

A legal crime/crimes, (mala prohibita) are those crimes which a society has decided as a whole, the crime to be a violation of specific laws against the best interest of that society. An example of, "mala prohibita," are traffic laws. Laws and restrictions that are legislated to protect the publics best interests.


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